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2020 AEC Survey Results

Below are the findings from the survey AEC conducted on Newton lake on 9-10-20.

AEC observed patches of pondweed around the lake. The pondweed was heaviest near the beach. This pondweed offers excellent fish habitat and AEC does not recommend widespread treatment of this plant. If an individual homeowner has issues with it around their dock we would recommend hand pulling the plant in that area. The treatment requires AEC to dose the water of the entire shoreline and it simply wouldn’t be cost-effective in order to just kill a few patches of this native pondweed. AEC did not observe any other submerged plant species, so it would be important not to kill this submerged plant. There were plenty of emergent plants such as spatterdock, white water lily, and pickerelweed. AEC recommends the continued control of all plants around the beach area, the outlet, and the inlet to Mud Pond.

AEC observed filamentous algae around the perimeter of the lake. The filamentous algae remained on the bottom of the lake and did not look to be causing any significant problems. Filamentous algae does not impose any human/pet health risks. If the filamentous algae should worsen an algae treatment can be conducted on a time and materials basis. AEC did not find any blue-green algae in Newton Lake. Newton Lake has never had any issues in the past with blue-green algae but should be monitored in the future to ensure that continues. Blue-Green algae has the potential to have some health risks but it is rare.

Thanks and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you again in 2021.

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