Boat Slips

The board of directors has approved the installation of 8 boat slips at the beach area.  The slips will be located on the west side of the swim area. The purpose of the slips is to alleviate the dock congestion at the beach. Presently there is little or no room for any additional docks and nowhere for swimmers to access the lake outside of the swim area.   Those current dock owners will have the first option to purchase a boat slip and remove their existing dock. Other members will then be offered a boat slip to purchase. Boat slips will be your own.  If for any reason the owner no longer wants their slip, they can always sell it to another NLA member.  The cost of the slips will be $3,500 and a $200 annual maintenance fee.  The maintenance fee will be used for the yearly installation and removal of the slips.

The boat slips will be purchased through the NLA with the lateral section being owned and purchased by the Association.   In addition, there will no new docks allowed at the beach area.  All members who wish to dock a boat at the beach area must buy a boat slip. We are hopeful with the elimination of some docks and the installation of boat slips, the beach area will be a much more organized and an area for members to enjoy.


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